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6 books by 6 Canadians... and YOU could win them

February 19, 2020 is 'I Read Canadian' day!

To celebrate this event, 6 self-published Canadian authors have joined forces to offer 1 Canadian reader the chance to win 6 paperback books.

The contest runs February 14-19, 2020.


Scroll down to find out more about the contest and to discover your next favourite Canadian author:

1. The Book of Chaos by Jessica Renswick

Winner of the 2019 Book Excellence Award for Children's Fiction and the 2019 Children's Literary Classics for Middle Grade General, The Book of Chaos has been described as a true jewel among children's books!

When a strange book lands in Fable Nuthatch’s lap and her cousin disappears into its pages, she follows, hurtling into an enchanted forest far from the rolling hills of her home. This is a land filled with strange people, magic and more danger than Fable has ever dreamed of.

She must battle for not only a way home, but for the lives of those she loves most. With the help of her peculiar new friends, Fable must learn to trust in herself or risk losing her cousin forever. Can she save him before it’s too late?

"Author Jessica Renwick has crafted a highly engaging tale about the love of family and the true bonds of friendship. This enchanting tale offers a thrilling adventure for young readers who are sure to be entertained by this first book in the Starfell Series." - Children's Literary Classics Book Awards

"Twisted, original, magical fun." - GoodReads review

The Book of Chaos has been described by readers as a true jewel among children's books. If your child loves Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, or The Land of Stories - this is the book for them!

About the author:

Jessica Renwick is the author of the Starfell series for middle grade children. The first book in the series, The Book of Chaos, has won several awards including the Children's Literary Classics Gold award for Middle Grade General. She loves visiting schools and meeting readers at various book signings and events across Alberta. In addition to reading and writing, she enjoys a hot cup of tea, gardening, and outdoor adventures. Jessica lives in Red Deer, Alberta with her partner and pets. You can find her online on Facebook, Instagram, and at

2. Siarra Jones, Skating into Trouble by Paul Breau

SIARRA JONES Skating Into Trouble (Book 1 in the Step-By-Step Series).

This book delivers an exciting, fast-paced story for girls aged 9-12 who LOVE SKATING.

Siarra Jones is a smart, young girl who learns to stand up for herself and her friends.

Skating Into Trouble is an anti-bullying story that promotes a positive growth mindset.

Middle grade readers (and parents) will enjoy the first book in the Step-By-Step Series. The Step-By-Step Series are realistic, coming-of-age stories featuring smart, funny, and authentic characters dealing with challenging situations.

SIARRA JONES adores skating. LOVES everything about it…

The smell of the cold air when she enters the rink…

The feeling of tightly lacing up her skates exactly the way she likes them…

But her favorite part is taking that first GLIDE onto the ice…

Siarra is SUPER excited to start her new skating lessons.

Unfortunately, sometimes life has a funny way of pulling the ice out from under you.

Siarra Jones Skating Into Trouble is the exciting, fast-paced story of a smart, funny, thoughtful young girl struggling to find a way to deal with a faster skater who picks on her.

Will she give up on her dream of joining an elite skating school or can she figure out a way to deal with THE SKATING BULLY?

About the author:

Paul Breau is an award-winning writer from Vancouver, British Columbia. He writes realistic, coming of age stories for middle grade readers (aged 9-12) that feature smart, funny, and authentic characters dealing with challenging situations.

Paul lives with his wife, daughter, and a Chihuahua dog named Poppy. He loves skating, karate, and lots of other sports. He is an avid reader and loves to draw.

Paul completed a BA in English Literature from the University of British Columbia.

If you enjoy Paul’s books, the best way to keep up with his work is to join the Paul Breau reader list at

3. No One Dies in the Garden of Syn by Michael Seidelman

Synthia (Syn) Wade is a teenage girl who struggles with cystic fibrosis, an incurable life-threatening disease. One day she is pushed into a pond by an unseen figure and wakes up in a new world – a mysterious garden where illness and death don’t exist.

Welcomed by the garden’s residents and now free of her symptoms, Syn decides to stay. But, before long, she realizes that this apparent utopia holds many dangers and dark secrets.

Surrounding the garden is a fog that Syn is warned never to enter. She encounters bizarre creatures that defy reason. And always lurking in the shadows is a masked woman - a woman who may have a connection to the disappearance of Syn’s parents many years ago.

A woman whom no one will speak of, but whom everyone fears.

While No One Dies in the Garden of Syn, Syn will soon discover that some fates are worse than death.

About the author:

When Michael Seidelman was growing up, his passions were reading, watching movies, enjoying nature and creative writing. Not much has changed since then. Working in Online Marketing for over ten years, Michael felt it was time to pursue his passion and began writing The Garden of Syn trilogy. Michael is excited about the upcoming release of the third and final book in The Garden of Syn series and beyond the trilogy, he has more books in the works that he can’t wait to share with the world! Michael was born in Vancouver, BC Canada where he continues to reside. Visit Michael's website:

4. I Told You So by Mark Gunning

Perfect for fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, And Then It Happened, Jerry the Squirrel, and Stick Cat books, Mark Gunning’s hilarious new series I Told You So is definitely here to entertain.

In The Adventures of William and Thomas, Book 1 of the I Told You So series~from Canadian author Mark Gunning~two best friends find themselves frequently on the wrong side of awesome plans! Follow the boys as they take you on a hilarious journey of adventures, stunts, and pranks.

Follow the boys as they get things stuck in trees, encounter angry killer bees, feed chili to Harry (a dog), create a monster in the basement, build a gigantic ramp, and make it snow in the summertime. Lost baseballs, angry bees, extra spicy chili, basement monsters, a massive ramp, and broken bones. Enjoy the adventures of short stories as they are sure to entertain children and parents. What more could you want? Oh, another book in the series!

About the author:

Mark Gunning is the author of the I Told You So series for middle grades. His first book won an award with the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario in 2018. You can find him at various events talking about his books and meeting fans.

He is married with three children and enjoys playing guitar, going to concerts, hiking in the Niagara Gorge, and watching sports. Mark grew up in Chippawa, Ontario, which is a part of Niagara Falls.

Mark is currently releasing Strike Three, You’re Out, the third book in his ongoing series, and can’t wait to share it!

5. Ben Archer and the Cosmic Fall (The Alien Skill Series, Book 1) by Rae Knightly


“The thing is, it wasn’t meteors that fell into the woods that night. It was alien spacecraft.”

When UFOs crash near a peaceful town, the media are led to believe it was fallen meteors. Government agents rush in to cover up the event dubbed The Cosmic Fall. But they weren't counting on Ben Archer being a witness. Nor were they expecting a lone survivor of the crash: an alien man called Mesmo.

Thus begins a hunt to capture the boy and the alien, as, among the agents, hides Mesmo’s treacherous enemy who quietly spurs on the investigation.

And although the destinies of boy and alien become inextricably linked, one question hovers above their unlikely friendship: why did the aliens come to Earth in the first place?

The Alien Skill Series is a science-fiction adventure story for fans of Percy Jackson and A Wrinkle in Time. The young-at-heart will revel in this family-friendly, action-packed series filled with alien powers, engaging characters, shapeshifters and a riveting 'alien' hunt.

"This series will be around for years." (Amazon reviewer)

"The reveals are monumental!" (Amazon reviewer)

"Fun, suspenseful, and you have to love the characters!" (Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer)

"Wouldn’t I just love to have the skill!" (Goodreads reviewer)

About the author:

Rae Knightly is an Amazon bestselling author who has written The Alien Skill Series, a thrilling science-fiction adventure story for upper middle graders (12-14). She is currently preparing to release her fourth book, Ben Archer and the World Beyond.

Rae lives near Vancouver with her husband and two children and her stories are inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of British Columbia. She holds a BA in Translation from ISTI in Brussels, Belgium and is fluent in four languages.

For more information on Rae’s upcoming releases and to receive the free prequel to The Alien Skill Series, you can instantly subscribe to her super secret newsletter now:

6. Arestana by Shawn P.B. Robinson

Liam can’t get home.

He’s stuck in a world he never thought existed, facing odds he can’t beat. To make matters worse, he has to go face to face with a dragon!

If he cannot defeat the beast, he will remain in that world… forever!

Laugh your way through an edge of your seat adventure packed with grit and suspense…

“…the funniest fantasy world I have ever read.” Nathaniel, Goodreads reviewer.

“Amazing epic children's adventure with the feel of C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien!” R. E., Goodreads reviewer.

“This is an awesome series that is perfect for all ages. I cannot get enough of this…” Patricia, Amazon reviewer.

“It’s seldom that I find a book that can make me laugh, but this one had me laughing out loud many times throughout.” Scott, Amazon reviewer.

“This reminds me of the Naked Gun movies with Leslie Nielsen, except our hero is the only normal person; the rest of the world is somewhat odd.” Tom, Goodreads reviewer.

“My sons and I love this book!” JMR, Goodreads reviewer.

“I know I'm kind of biased here, but I love this book!!!” the author’s own personal biased review.

About the author:

Shawn P. B. Robinson, or as his friends call him, "Shawn P. B. Robinson," has been writing and telling stories for many years, but only for family and small groups. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, a potentially deadly illness changed all that. As he lay in the hospital, wondering if he would live or die (spoiler alert, he lived), he started to write Arestana: The Key Quest.

It wasn't long before two other books (and an off-shoot) were written and he was moving toward exposing the world to his strange and odd sense of humor. As you read Shawn's books, think of the joy you are bringing to Shawn P. B. Robinson (or "Shawn P. B. Robinson" for short) and to his whole family who no longer have to bear the full weight of listening to his stories alone.

Let Shawn encourage you to feel free to laugh and weep (at appropriate times, of course) and please remember to review his books.

How can YOU win these AMAZING books?


Contest details:

  • The contest runs from February 14, 2020 at midnight until February 19, 2020 at midnight.

  • A winner will be randomly picked by Rafflecopter on February 20, 2020 at noon through Rafflecopter. The winner will be contacted by e-mail and announced in the Facebook group '6 Books by 6 Canadians'.

  • Each author will mail a paperback copy of his/her book to the winner.

  • Participants must have a Twitter and/or Facebook account.

  • Participants must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada.

  • The '6 books by 6 Canadians' is an independently run contest under the sole responsibility of the 6 authors.

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