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Welcome to Rae Knightly's website!

Did you know that "Rae Knightly" is a pen name?

Why use a pen name, you ask?

Well, many authors use pen names because - like me - they are introverts.

Besides, I think Rae Knightly sounds really cool, don't you think?

You see, Rae refers to Rey from Star Wars and Knightly is a combination

of the words knight (fantasy) and night (science-fiction).

Yes, I admit, aside from an introvert, I'm also a bit of a nerd...

I live near Vancouver, Canada, with my family and a jealous cat.

Before that, I lived in Mexico City, Brussels, Tucson, Edinburgh and Cape Town.

Guess what my favourite pastime is? Well yes, it's reading and writing,

but traveling comes in close second!

As an author, I hope to take the reader on a journey into the imagination,

where science-fiction and fantasy blend into the real world.

Young heroes are taken on gripping adventures full of discovery and story twists. 

The breathtaking landscapes of British Columbia have inspired me to write

The Alien Skill Series.

I hope you enjoy the stories!

Thank you for stopping by and... dream on!

Rae Knightly



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