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"Mostly daydreaming, but you can come along."

Welcome to Rae Knightly's website!

Did you know that "Rae Knightly" is a pen name?

Why use a pen name, you ask?

It started off as a bit of an accident, really.

When you've never published before and don't know if anyone will read your

first teenie-tiny baby story, it might feel like the right choice

to test the waters with a pen name.

But what do you do when that pen name takes off?

You embrace it!

That's what Rae did, and after selling her first 100,000 books,

the name promises to stick around for a long time!

Besides, Rae Knightly is an uber-cool name, don't you think?

You see, Rae refers to Rey from Star Wars and Knightly is a combination

of the words knight (fantasy) and night (science-fiction).

Yes, Rae might be a bit of a nerd... and an introvert...

and likes to sit by the fire wearing thick socks while 

reading a good book with a cat on her lap.

Yes, she is much less heroic than the characters in her books.

Rae lives in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, with her husband and two children.

Before that, she lived in Mexico City, Brussels, Tucson, Edinburgh and Cape Town,

where she worked for lawyers and a handful of Ambassadors,

while eating chicon au gratin, biltong, mole poblano and haggis.

Guess what her favorite pastime is? Well yes, it's reading and writing,

but traveling comes in close second!

In fact, you wouldn't want to upset Rae because she might reply in Flemish,

French or Spanish, so unless you speak one of those languages,

it wouldn't be a fair fight.

But don't worry, Rae keeps epic fighting scenes for her stories and

prefers to get along with everybody in the real world.

Rae aims to take the reader on a journey into the imagination,

where science fiction and fantasy blend into reality.

Young heroes are taken on gripping adventures full of discovery and story twists,

and her characters shine most when they are caught in the tightest spots.

The breathtaking landscapes of British Columbia have inspired Rae to write

The Alien Skill Series. Her books have won awards in the UK, US and Canada.

She hopes to take you on many more fictional roller-coaster rides,

so fasten your seat-belts, switch on those rocket engines and

prepare to head for the stars!

Rae Knightly


"They didn't know it was impossible, so they did it." - Mark Twain


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